Our sectors

illuminated living spaces


We understand how lives are enhanced by a well designed home. That is why we listen intently and care about the little things. We want to create happy homes where friends and family feel welcome, can gather or find a quiet corner.
Space saving and storage solutions are as important to us as kerb appeal and we pride ourselves in making the most of any site, modest or massive.
In every situation, we use the principles of sustainable design to make a home comfortable to live, a pleasure to inhabit and to keep running costs down.

Anita’s approach to the Fire Station project has been very creative, and the proposed treatment of the elevations fronting the inner courtyard have been refreshingly innovative, based on a wide experience of other residential projects.

John BrownAsh Mill Developments Ltd.

The enthusiasm and tenacity with which Herlig Marles have driven our project forward has been great. We are busy people, so not having to chase outcomes has built trust and confidence.

Paul and Anna HadleySandal’s Lodge

Energised workspaces


We believe a good commercial environment is firstly functional yet always expresses the essence of the business. It should be a pleasure to work in and inviting to clients.
From offices to retail spaces, Herlig Marles creates working environments that promote user comfort and interaction making them great places to work. This has the added benefit of improving staff retention and attracting new talent to a business.
We create flexible work places that can be adapted as the business changes making our designs future proof.

Inspiring Minds


What can possibly be more important than an inspiring learning environment? We aim to create teaching spaces that are functional, financially viable and inspirational. We care that every user of the building is satisfied  – from the student and teacher to the janitor and headmistress. Our schools are a pleasure to work in and learn in.
Timely delivery is paramount in school projects and we know that good relationships with contractors and building consultants feeds a successful project.

Vanessa was a breath of fresh air. She was the key ingredient to creating a building which has made a profoundly positive impact on our community leaving some very grateful children with a wonderful school.

David CoachéHead Teacher, Bengeworth CE Academy

Vanessa’s choice of furnishings bringing colour, vibrancy and comfort made the boarding unit feel homely, welcoming and a safe environment for the children.

Stephen HarkerSpeller Metcalfe

Winning Hearts


The places where people engage with their neighbours and friends is vital to the quality of our communities. We involve ourselves in projects such as parks, music and performance pavilions and youth shelters. We dig deep to understand each stakeholder and their needs in community projects.You’ll find that we love to create places that encourage user engagement as well as build social value and pride.


Time to let the light in

Whatever the project – massive or modest, bold or sensitive – we answer a brief without ever losing sight of the practical, budgetary or commercial demands – oh yes, and the creation of an appropriately stunning building.