For the first time in its history, Cripplegate Park is planning the construction of a music performance pavilion, better known as a bandstand.

Plans are underway to raise funds and prepare designs for what has been described by architect Anita Marles, one of the Friends of Cripplegate Park, as a ‘much needed structure’ for performers, protecting them from both inclement weather and the full glare of the sun.

The project has yet to be formally costed but the Friends of Cripplegate Park will look at ways of fundraising and grants to pay for the bandstand.

Inspiration comes from bandstands around the world but also from the public who have a valuable role to play in deciding what the finished pavilion should look like.

Cripplegate Park is host to musical events throughout the summer but has not been able to offer a purpose built performance space.

The bandstand would be located on the southwest side of the park opposite the cricket practice fields and would nest amongst the trees facing the existing fountain.

Set into the landscape with a slightly raised platform the pavilion would be accessible by wheelchair users and when not being used for performances would be available to the public, offering a sheltered and welcoming place to gather out of the rain or hot sun.

Everyone is welcome and your opinions really do count.

Anita MarlesHerlig Marles